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Episode 106 – Reflekted Reviews – Arcade Fire, Paul McCartney, White Denim

Only one more episode left in the backlog of reviews. This episode will go down as the most contentious of them all. The original recording went over the three hour mark, with a full hour being spent on just the Arcade Fire album. There was laughing, there was yelling, and there was blood and tears spilt all over the floor. Unfortunately, due to trying to keep this podcast under two hours, I edited most of it out. However, the good stuff I kept in… and it was probably some of the best reviewing of an album that we’ve ever done. The podcast is long, but I think it’s worth it. Enjoy!

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Episode 105 – CV – Lorde, Deltron 3030, Blitzen Trapper, Parquet Courts

This episode we discuss the new, anticipated Lorde album, ruminate over Del’s style with the Deltron 3030 album, we have a ferocious fight over the new Blitzen Trapper album which surprised me, and we Parkay Quarts all over Parquet Courts. I don’t even know what that last part means…


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Episode 104 – Los Waffelos – Nine Inch Nails, Gogol Bordello, Chvrches, FKA Twigs

No surprises here. I’m late again with this episode. My new goal is to finish up all the episodes I have waiting by the end of the year. It will happen. Seriously. It will happen.

This episode we mourn the loss of Trent Reznor’s youthful sound, give our background music approval (is that an award?) to Gogol Bordello, rave over the new Chvrches album, and give short shrift to the FKA Twigs EP. Enjoy!

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Episode 103 – Your Pop Culture Has Been Hacked Edition – Neko Case, The Icarus Line, Arctic Monkeys, Lorde

So now we’re on to current music that’s been recently released! Unfortunately, due to technical problems with the recording, the first few minutes of the podcast are gone. So there’s a new intro and I tried to leave it off around where the discussion starts. The group discuss the merits of the new Neko Case album and Alex tries to convince me why I should like her music. Next, we discuss the return-to-form The Icarus Line and delve into Rachel’s squeamishness with the lead singer. All of us get a good dose of Arctic Monkey and wonder why we never had listened to them before. Lastly, we talk a little bit about the Lorde EP and what we hope to hear from her new, full-length album. Thanks for listening!


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