Episode 80 – You Do Not Fuck with Phil Collins.
Alabama Shakes, Iggy Pop, El-P

We have a fantastic podcast for you this time around for Episode 80. We discuss hiring artists (dead and alive) for your wedding, Phil Collins being a badass, The Polygraph Cassette with Larry Rex, Iggy’s Michelle Obama inspired vegetable garden, and El-P’s rap music of Nine Inch Nails fans. We do hope you enjoy it.

[youtube id=pjSG1cJe9q4 width=620 height=375]

This site is coming along nicely as well. We’re gradually bringing in more writers and posting more ruminations and playlists for those of you who are interested. Larry Rex has started The Polygraph Cassette in which he assembles a playlist via Spotify that’s centered around a theme each Friday. We will also periodically have people posting their thoughts and personal experiences relating to music and pop culture. Check out Brian’s excellent post on the unfortunate death of Ween, complete with a Spotify playlist and videos.

[youtube id=hZSotzuaN60 width=620 height=375]

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Thanks for listening!

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