Episode #75 – We’re Back.
The Belle Brigade, First Aid Kit, Sleigh Bells,
& Tinie Tempah

When I rounded up my good friends to do this nearly four years ago, it started as a crazy, exciting idea that was born out of my vanity. I thought my friends and I had great conversations about music. I thought we were good enough to put it out there for people to listen to. I had no idea how to do a podcast or make it work. Unsurprisingly, we stumbled through a few podcasts before we really knew what we were doing. We were a bi-weekly podcast that lasted somewhere around an hour. We wanted people outside our circle to listen to it, but other than that, we had little ambition for it to be anything more. It was a platform for us to get together and talk shit about music. That was it, really.

I think the podcast really started to take shape around the time we did our first live episode. At that time we had Jessica, Brian, Larry and Ryan on the panel. It was the first time Jessica and Brian ever met Ryan. We had a really good time. My only two regrets were that the podcast went on for two hours and the microphone kept picking up Brian’s ice clinking in his glass. I really wanted to do more recordings that had everyone in the same room because it felt more natural and conversational than doing it over Skype.

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A month later I would move to England.

Around that time, the podcast changed both in style and in ambition. We no longer could record podcasts without the aid of Skype. Due to an eight hour difference in time, we were recording either very early in the morning or very late at night. We added more people. Asher, Angie, Lawrence and Carly started a new panel. We became a weekly podcast. We added more content to the website in order to drive more traffic. Busy lives also took its toll on commitments to the podcast. Ryan left and made way for Alex. Larry’s departure brought Kelly.

We also decided to switch from a weekly podcast to a daily podcast. The idea was to bring more people to the website and have them pick the album reviews they wanted to listen to. It just didn’t work out the way we originally thought it would. The constant pressure and time consumption of putting out a daily podcast took its toll. Additionally, the podcast was getting stale and predictable. Carly dropped off the face of the Earth. Brian lost interest. Lawrence decided to go to grad school. We brought on Dan to fill the hole. We were lucky enough to find Lindsay right before everything crashed.

Nearly two years into our project, I was editing the podcast and just couldn’t do it. I just couldn’t finish it. We needed a break and I needed to re-evaluate why I was getting up at 6am once a week to record the podcast. Three new albums a week to review had made me cynical about music. It was just too much. So I stopped the podcast, and I wasn’t sure if we would do it again.

Now we’re back.

I’ve since moved the family back to the US. It took a little while to get things to a point where I felt normal again. With all of us now in the same area, I felt that the podcast could work. We could actually do the things that we wanted to do almost four years ago: record all of us in the same room. While Larry and Ryan have declined coming back to do the podcast, I will always feel that this is theirs. They helped to build this podcast to what it was. The recordings that had the original panelists are some of the best times I’ve had on doing this, and I hope they come back every once in awhile. We’ve brought back a lot of the same people we had before. We’re also bringing on a handful of new people to fill the gap.

So here we are. The first episode since our hiatus. Episode 75. We hope you like the new look and feel of the website. Eventually, we’ll put all the previous 74 episodes on the website. For now, you get this. I’m not sure how many people are still paying attention. It doesn’t matter. We’re going to take this slow.

Back to a bi-weekly. All our recordings will have us in the same room together. We won’t sweat content for now. Panels will be different and changing every episode. Format will be less rigid. We’ll talk about more than just album reviews.
I would have liked to keep the podcast to just an hour, but I still can’t seem to keep things under two hours. Sorry about that.

In Episode 75, we will be reviewing albums that we really liked while the Polygraph Record was off the air. Asher brought us First Aid Kit’s “The Lion’s Roar”, Rachel (who is a new panelist) brought Tinie Tempah’s “Disc-Overy”, Alex presented Belle Brigade’s self titled effort, and Kelly had us listen to Sleigh Bells’ “Treats”. We talk a little Fiona Apple, a lot of Billy Corgan and bring back the very popular pop culture section. We hope you enjoy. It’s good to be back.

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Pop Culture

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